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GreenerGreenGrass Organic Lawn Products
For each Share, Tweet, and Google + of this post, GreenerGreenGrass will reduce 61 pounds of pollution (CO2) with Renewable Choice Wind Power. It’s that easy – you click and help the environment.  GreenerGreenGrass was founded to provide natural and sustainable lawn care solutions to consumers who are concerned about our fragile ecosystem. Please visit GreenerGreenGrass to thank them, purchase their product, and join their social media pages.

Why wind energy?

Wind power is one of the most important solutions to numerous environmental and quality of life crises we are facing.

For one, compared to other power sources, it is nearly unparalleled (and maybe actually unparalleled) when it comes to stopping global warming.   As a study from climate scientist Ken Caldeira and former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold has shown, wind and solar PV are the most beneficial power options for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s essential we install them rather than other options such as coal, natural gas, and large hydro.

Wind power also uses a ton less water than most other power options. Wind power is also an important economic growth engine and job creator. There are currently about 75,000 wind power jobs in the US. And wind turbines provide important income to farmers (who allow for installations on their land), installers, and US manufacturers.

Wind power is also cost-competitive with other power options in many regions these days, and it is actually even the cheapest option for new electricity in many places.  All in all, it’s just common sense to make wind power a more and more central part of our electricity systems.

About our Sponsor

GreenerGreenGrass was founded to provide natural and sustainable lawn care solutions to consumers who are concerned about our fragile ecosystem. With a strong background in environmental advocacy, the GreenerGreenGrass team is dedicated to stewardship for the planet.

We hope that you share in our dream and can help make it a reality by using fewer harmful lawn care products. Green grass is beautiful and we want everybody to enjoy it, but not at the expense of our future. That is why our products are safe for children, pets, and the planet.

Visit GreenerGreenGrass today for all your eco-friendly lawn care needs!

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Wouldn’t you like to reduce your carbon footprint? fshare, Tweet, and Google + this post and we will offset 83.5 carbon dioxide pollution with Renewable Energy Choice Wind Power and if you also subscribe to we will offset a total of  334 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution.

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– The term “carbon footprint” refers to the amount of carbon (C02) we emit individually in any one-year period. C02 is produced from many sources and is the primary gas responsible for Global warming and the resulting alarming changes in our climate.

15 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here is a list of 15 ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  Click here to see the full information written by Mille Jefferson of Weekend America

  1. Buy organic and local.
  2. Pay attention to packaging.
  3. Ditch bottled water.
  4. Energy-proof your home.
  5. Go native.
  6. Window shop.
  7. Take a direct flight.
  8. Switch water heaters to vacation mode.
  9. Unplug it!
  10. Keep your car.
  11. Chuck your microwave.
  12. Use cold water.
  13. Have the family over.
  14. Make time for errands.
  15. The Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
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This week things have really gone to the dogs; The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund that is. When you Share, Tweet, and Google+this post you will be helping to save the life of a dog with cancer with the help of our sponsor, doggyloot is the #1 daily deals site for dog owners. With four to five deals each week, you’ll find everything you need for your pup (toys, treats, accessories and more) – all at 45 to 90 percent off! Read the rest of the post to learn more about the dog you are saving with your click.

At the Dog & Cat Cancer Fund we help fight canine and feline cancer.

We work directly with veterinarians to help needy families get treatment for their cats and dogs suffering from cancer.

We offer grants to help scientists conduct research into the next generation of life saving treatments.

Grolsch - The Fighter

We promote prevention by raising awareness, understanding the risk factors, and encouraging early testing for canine and feline cancer.

Your clicks are helping Grolsh who in 2010 came down with Canine Lymphoma. Lymphoma is a very aggressive cancer but is also very treatable, even if it doesn’t have a cure. With the help of The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund he has been doing pretty well and is a true fighter.  Click here to read Grolsh’s story.

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doggyloot was born because we love the passion that dog owners have for their dogs, and wanted to allow these dog owners to have an opportunity to receive great deals on fun dog-related stuff. Visit doggyloot today for a great discount on doggy products.






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Share, Tweet, and/ or Google + this post and you will plant a tree with the help of Trees for the Future and BuyGreen, our sponsor . Home decor, office products, electronics and much more –  each product they sell is reviewed and rated in respect to its environmental impact.  Check it out, it’s really cool to know the environmental impact of what you are buying. Use coupon code clickitforgood at check out and save 10% on your purchase.

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Since 1989, Trees for the Future has been helping communities around the world plant trees. Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and their country programs, they have empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands. Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations.

Their mission and history demonstrate how dedicated they are to sustainable agroforestry.

Trees for the Future’s work in Brazil

São Paulo State contains some of the last vestiges of the Atlantic Rainforest – only 7% of the original Atlantic Rainforest remains today. Much of the destruction of these forests was and is due to sugar cane production. In addition to cutting down the forests, sugar cane production leads to hectares and hectares of land being burned every year.

Trees for the Future has initiated a long-term program to address low agricultural production, rural poverty, and environmental destruction.  Historically, the greatest impediment to sustainable land management was a lack of local capacity to solve agricultural and environmental problems. Therefore, a significant portion of this initiative will be aimed at developing local capacity in agroforestry techniques that address issues endemic to Brazil such as overgrazing and the deforestation of waterways.

Our Sponsor

Please visit us and limit your environmental impact. Use coupon clickitforgood at check out to save 10%. Our mission at BuyGreen is to become your most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, and the most enjoyable shopping experience.

We believe that the power to make change rests with the individual consumer.  The products you buy every day make a difference.  Eco-friendly products are healthier for you and better for the planet.  In addition, when a large group of consumers choose to “buy green”, the market will respond with greater variety, more innovation and lower prices for green products and services.